Fiji kava root powder

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 Fiji Kava Root Powder - Free Shipping - No extra fees
Fly to a South Pacific Paradise of lush green tropical islands and unspoiled white sand beaches. Overwhelmingly beautiful, the Islands of Fiji are home to some of the warmest, relaxed, and friendly people on the earth. It's not surprising that Kava is so highly valued in their culture. Used for evoking an atmosphere of relaxation and easy sociability, Kava is naturally their drink of choice. ..
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5 Star Kava Root Powder - Free Shipping - No extra fees
This 5 Star Kava is possibly the most potent kava you have ever tasted. Made from green kava that has not been dried in advance, it requires special processing that preserves more kavalactones than dried root powder.  The finished product is nothing less than divine: smooth, better tasting, and potent beyond compare. A must try for those looking for what possibly may be the absolute b..
US $75.25
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