A book about kava at Dollarama?!

Kava Kava at the Dollar Store!

Kava Books at the Dollar Store!

There I was today, shopping at the dollar store when I stumbled upon a book about kava by DK Publishing. I was so surprised, I couldn’t believe my eyes. That is because kava is not sold anymore in Canada since 2002. It is possible to buy it online from vendors in the US and have it shipped in Canada for personal consumption but unfortunately, Health Canada forbids the sale of kava in stores. The 63 page book in question is called Kava, Relax your muscles & Mind. It gives a good overview of kava although it has been written in 2000, two years before the ban. We are fortunate to be able to have it shipped in Canada because it is forbidden in the entire European Union although I am sure some manage to have kava shipped without having the word kava put on the package and only herbal products written. I was chocked when I read a praise about the German Commission E which is actually to blame for the liver scare! It is because of Commission E that the kava business in all the South Pacific is having a major downfall!

The book is good publicity for kava anyway, and I am glad it is out there but I read some odd stuff in there. Like how to make your own extract in alcohol, simmering the end results for 20 to 40 minutes to remove the alcohol properties! Say what? I thought boiling killed the kavalactones? They also suggest to boil the kava root  for 20-40 minutes to make kava tea! Shut the front door!

So I am trying it as I am writing this. They say to boil 25 grams of chunks of dried kava root into 750 ml of water with the lid on and it should reduce to 500ml. I can’t wait to see or should I say “feel” if it’s true that boiling burns out the kavalactones. I am using whole kava roots that I slit in half before it started to boil. I let the kava roots simmer for 30 minutes and there is 500ml left just like supposed to. It tastes pretty strong. It has a light brown color. I sip it slowly because it is very hot. It is pretty strong stuff! I do feel the numbness on my tongue. I am getting a buzz, really. This will be a new way for us to have our kava. The kavalactones are not dead! LOL They’re alive! So the do “not boil thing” would be false? So my verdict is it’s ok to boil your kava! It’s perfect for those cold Canadian winter nights! If you want to try this recipe, you can buy your bundle of Vanuatu kava roots . Let us know how you liked it!

Who would have thought I would learn something new about kava at the dollar store! It was well worth the dollar!

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