Refreshing Instant Kava Recipes for the Summer

Summer in Canada doesn’t last long and there is nothing like a nice refreshing kava drink on a hot sunny day, sitting in the shade. We love to enjoy a kava drink beside our backyard pond. We usually have a kava ceremony which invloves the standard kava mix but sometimes we like to make a “kava cocktail” with juices or sodas. We get emails from friends and kava lovers talking about their favorite recipes and it’s fun to see how fellow Canadians enjoy their kava!

We always like to try new recipes and these two new ones are sure to be a hit!

Recently DD made up a few kava drinks using the Kava Kwik. In the following recipes, you could experiment with the ingredients but to our honest opinion they are perfect the way they are. Give them a try and have a great Canadian Summer…with Kava!

Blue Kava - One of our newest recipes for kava. What a treat to add a bit of the instant kava to some healthy juices and enjoy the effects of kava while keeping cool in the summer!

Blue Kava
1/2 tsp or more Kava Kwik instant kava
1/4 cup pure blueberry juice
2 heapful tsp coconut sugar
3/4 cup cold water
Mix and pour in a big tall glass filled with ice and drink with a straw! So refreshing and healthy!

Carob Kava
1/2 tsp or more Kava Kwik  instant kava
1 TBSP Carob Powder
2 TBSP Coconut Sugar
1 Cup milk
Mix and pour in a big tall glass filled with ice and drink with a straw and enjoy!

Have a great summer!

If you have never tried the Kava Kwik we highly recommend it for those of you who want a potent kava experience! We also have some new Kava Packagaes that combine the favorite kava products that we love in Canada!

“The Great Canadian” Kava package has Vanuatu Kava, Fiji Kava & Instant Kava.
“The Boreal Forest” Kava package has Hawaiian Paradise Kave, PNG “Tudei” Kava & CO2 processed extracts.

The perfect kava combinations for those of us who want everything…except the black flies in Canada!

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