Vanuatu Kava

Vanuatu Kava

Vanuatu  Coat of Arms Kava PowderSail away to the magical and mysterious Islands of Vanuatu. The Melanesian people of this South Pacific nation have ancient roots that reach back thousands of years. It is their ancestors that discovered and domesticated what we now know as Kava. There are more varieties grown here than anywhere else in the world. Vanuatu is legendary for its highly potent kava.

Vanuatu law regulates that all kava sold for export must be at least 5 years old and be grown organic using no pesticides or chemicals. Only "Waka Grade" lateral roots (the most potent portion of the root mass) from 5-10 year old plants are used to make this high quality kava root powder.

The relaxed sense of enhanced mental and sensual awareness this kava produces leads to a state of quiet contentment. Sit back and "Listen to the kava" as they say in Vanuatu.

Extra fine grind makes for easy mixing and very little waste. One pound (453g) of kava powder makes approx. 12 quarts (11.4 liters) of kava beverage. Comes with Instructions in a re-sealable foil package to keep your kava fresh!

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5 Star Kava Root Powder - Free Shipping - No extra fees
This 5 Star Kava is possibly the most potent kava you have ever tasted. Made from green kava that has not been dried in advance, it requires special processing that preserves more kavalactones than dried root powder.  The finished product is nothing less than divine: smooth, better tasting, and potent beyond compare. A must try for those looking for what possibly may be the absolute b..
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