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Welcome to KavaCanada.ca!

This website is operated by a couple who met in Quebec, Canada and who now live in Atlantic Canada who discovered Kava in Hawaii  a few years ago and now like to promote it as a wonderful natural product that deserves more attention. We believe that kava deserves to be better known and understood and enjoyed! We believe that kava products, when properly prepared, farmed and used can benefit a lot of people if used carefully and in moderation.

The kava farmers of the world grow and process and sell an amazing product! Our goal is to help share this glorious natural plant with as many people as possible, not just in Canada but anywhere that chemicals and processed drugs are prevealent in the hope that this natural product can help more people just as it has assisted us!

We try to take care of ourselves, we are healthy and we love nature and animals.

We would like to adapt Kava to Canadian culture. We hope that one day it will be possible to buy Kava in health stores and that there will be public places to have a cup of Kava with friends. Until then we will continue to promote Kava from our home in New Brunswick to our Canadian and American friends and try to connect the growers and farmers of this beautiful product who cultivate Kava with the people in Canada who want to enjoy this wonderful natural product.

We answer all emails personally so please feel free to contact us at info@kavacanada.ca.

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Kava Canada is an Amazon Affiliate. We may receive payment for items purchased through Amazon.


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