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Kava Capsules
Kava Kava Capsules - 400mg - 60V-Capsules After ten years out of the Canadian market, this product’s return is highly-anticipated by the natural health community. Kava Kava is best-known as a ceremonial South Pacific beverage. The earliest European knowledge of Kava Kava dates back to the late 1700s, with the journeys of Captain Cook. Today, usage of Kava Kava beverages in tropical clima..
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Kava Capsules
We recommend this product however we no longer stock this item in our locations. This product is now available on the Amazon Canada network. You can get the best pricing and see available options and shipping times by visiting the product page on Amazon Note: Kava Canada is an Amazon affiliate and may earn a commission on products purchased through Amazon from our website. Kava kava is an..
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Kava Canada is an Amazon Affiliate. We may receive payment for items purchased through Amazon.


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