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Kava Root Powder

Kava Root Powder
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Fiji Kaduva Kava Root Powder (Waka)

  • Certified 100% Noble Kava
  • 100% Natural
  • Water Washed & Sun Dried
  • Packaged, tested and licensed and approved  for sale in Canada.

Kava Canada is proud to work with KavaLink Inc. to finally bring a Health Canada approved kava root product to Canada. KavaLink Inc. is the culmination of years of research, cultivation, and testing. Working with the Ministry of Agriculture Fiji, they identified quality kava farmers in the Islands of Kadavu and Moala to be contracted with Kavalink Fiji.

Officers from these 2 islands help source the matured kava which is first cleaned and sun dried at the source then brought to the processing plant in Suva, Fiji Islands where it is again checked for quality and pressure washed (the second wash) until its free form any soil and again sun dried to a 12 % moisture.

THE CLEAN ROOTS are then pulverized using hammer mill to a medium grind kava powder and a final drying is done to ensure its shelf life. Finally, it is packed and shipped to Canada for repacking labeling and testing according to Health Canada requirements. In Canada, our kava is tested for kava chemo type, kava lactones, kava variety, microbiology test and heavy metals to ensure safety and quality. When the results are all good then only it is packed and labelled.

Testing and packing done at a laboratory (in accordance with Health Canada Requirements) in Richmond, British Columbia and uses the Vertically Integrated Quality control system from pre planting to final packaging.


  • Kava Extract (Piper methysticum, rhizone).........250mg
  • 10:1 equivalent to 2500 mg dry herb, providing 30% kavalactones

Add 1 teaspoon for one cup of water, blend for 3 minutes in a blender, strain and knead the pulp in a mesh bag or a nylon stocking for a minute or so, then enjoy.

Fly to a South Pacific Paradise of lush green tropical islands and unspoiled white sand beaches. Overwhelmingly beautiful, the Islands of Fiji are home to some of the warmest, relaxed, and friendly people on the earth. It's not surprising that Kava is so highly valued in their culture. Used for evoking an atmosphere of relaxation and easy sociability, Kava is naturally their drink of choice.

Throughout the Pacific, Fiji is famous for its fragrant and smooth tasting kava.We purchase only the highest quality Kava that Fiji has to offer. This extra special "Waka Grade Kava" is the most potent lateral root that is available in Fiji. Grown organically without pesticides or chemicals.

 A perfect elixir for an intimate gathering of good friends and good times.

 Extra fine grind makes for easy mixing and very little waste. One pound (453g) of kava powder makes approx. 12 quarts (11.4 liters) of kava beverage. Comes with Instructions in a resealable foil package to keep your kava fresh.


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Kava Canada is an Amazon Affiliate. We may receive payment for items purchased through Amazon.


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