Kava Canada Kava Ceremony

Summer is short in Canada and sitting in the backyard sharing a batch of fresh kava is an amazing way to enjoy the experience!

Summer is short in Canada and sitting in the backyard sharing a batch of fresh kava is an amazing way to enjoy the experience!

We love to sit in the backyard beside our fish pond and enjoy our own kava ceremony for two! What could be better than sitting in the sunshine, watching the birds flitter and chirp in the trees while we kick back on our comfy chairs and enjoy a peaceful kava moment in the sun! We get all mellow, smooth and relaxed with our favorite kava mix and can look up at the blue sky and contemplate the mystery and beauty of it all.

Kava is great for relaxing and taking the edge off! I enjoy the instant kava because I don’t have to go through the blending and squeezing of the root powder…not that I am lazy but the instant kava has a nice kick to it and the flavors are good.

One of my favorite mixes involves a half and half mix of Kava Kwik and some of the Kona Kava Farm Instant banana flavored kava mix. I put in one teaspoon of Kava Kwik and one tablespoon of banana instant kava from Kona Kava Farm and stir vigorously into a glass of filtered water and it makes a great kava drink! Keep the spoon in your glass because you’ll have to stir it up before every sip as the instant doesn’t completely dissolve! I find the Kava Kwik to be a very potent kava mix and a few cups will really leave me feeling buzzed…the taste is pretty nasty though which is why I like to mix it with the Kona Kava Farm instant blends which have a nice and sweet edge.

I recently tried the Paradise Kava for the first time, this is touted as a rather potent and somewhat mild tasting organic kava  that is a blend of a few Hawaiian Cultivars, such as Mahakea, Hiwa and Mo’i that make for a kava beverage different from the Vanuatu or Fiji blends we’re familiar with. I liked the packaging information and the labeling shows when the batch of Paradise Kava root was ground and blended so you know that no two batches of micro processed kava are  identical, and this is the intriguing part of buying this kava. It is more expensive than the kava from Vanuatu and Fiji or the Kona Kava Farm blend but we enjoyed trying it and keep a few bags in the freezer so we have the freshest version of this Paradise Kava blend here in Canada!

We’ve started storing all our kava root powder in the freezer to make sure it stays as fresh as possible. I admit that I have some lingering bags of kava from Vanuatu stored in the cupboard and when I mix them up it all tastes fine but the freezer is now our official method of storing root powder.

Paradise Kava - We tried it and we like it!

Paradise Kava – We tried it and we like it!

We really liked the Paradise Kava and have tried a few different production batches. With any kava we have tried there seems to be a difference between batches which is part of the pleasure of drinking kava but also one of the reasons that it has been impossible for us to say that one particular kava blend is the best ever…

Having grown up in British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, Quebec, The North-West Territories, Newfoundland and now living in New Brunswick I find it easiest to carry the kava extract or the kava instant mixes with me when I am camping, snowshoeing, travelling or visiting friends. The kava root is great if you have a blender and nylon stocking with you but that isn’t always the case!

Another thing I love about the Kava Kwik instant kava and the Kona Kava Farm instant blends is that they are so easy to mix up when we are camping or on the road…from Quebec to New Brunswick I always take a bit with me so I can just add a bit of the instant kava to my water bottle and be brought right back to the feeling of being in my lawn chair under the trees and sunshine beside my fish pond!

Thank-you Kava!!

I’ve had a few people ask me if it is legal to buy kava in Canada and of course it is…you just can’t buy it at a retail store. You can legally buy kava in Canada as long as it is coming to your Canadian address from outside of Canada; kava shipped from Hawaii, Vanuatu, Fiji, or the mainland USA is fine. The only restriction is that kava is not available on retail stores situated in Canada.

One of my favorite mixes involves a half and half mix of Kava Kwik and some of the Kona Kava Farm Instant

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    I am very interested in Kava and would love an opportunity to try. I am living in Saint John NB. How do I purchase and what strain would be most euphoric? I have anxiety and tend to drink alcohol but want to try something less intoxicating and less harmful. Thank you! Ryan Porter. 506-608-6104 text.

  2. Ryan Porter says:

    Take this fucking comment off your webpage now!!

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